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The Cynz

As a musician who travels around the world, I need an instrument to play (or perform gigs with) at any time. This is especially important when bands call me at a moment’s notice for recordings or live performances. Having my Traveler TB-4P bass guitar with me when traveling covers all my musical needs and preparedness. The built-in headphone jack feature (in itself) has made these commonplace travel delays at airports much more palatable to deal with.  Not only does the bass sound amazing, but it’s built solidly without the added weight (which makes the instrument perfect for traveling). Onstage, the bass gets immediately noticed for its unique look. Because the tuning pegs are situated inside the body of the bass, the bass comes out of the travel bag always in tune and ready to play.  The instrument is amazingly compact. I have traveled to countless airports on many different size airplanes over the years. The guitar always fits comfortably in the overhead bin. I have never had a problem stowing my instrument along with my carry-on bag.


Traveler basses have been an integral part of my fabric for years. I’ve traveled with mine all over the globe. If you ever see me somewhere in the world, I’ll always be carrying my Traveler Guitar on my back. 


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I’m a true New Yorker, and with that comes a lot of subway traveling. I have an hour and a half train ride to and from Times Square every single work day. That’s 3 hours of my time spent sitting doing absolutely nothing. With the Traveler Guitar, I now get to use that precious time wisely. My Ultra-Light allows me to either learn an entirely new song, new lick, or have a much needed practice session. Life is just better now.


Besides its WOW-factor in look and style, the sound from my Traveler is amazing! And it’s small enough to be an airplane carry-on, making it my closest travel companion indeed.

Kristian Attard

Jason Mraz

I am absolutely loving my TB-4P. I can’t tell you how much more fun this has made my touring life I had to learn a new Heart song the other day and plugged my iPhone straight into the aux input and used my headphones- it was killa man!

Lowell Bailey

US Olympic Biathlete

Thanks to Traveler Guitar for my new Olympic Axe!

Eric Bass


As a musician in a band that is on the road 300 days a year, I can depend on my Traveler EG-1 to aid my creativity. But as a producer, engineer, and songwriter who is on the road that much, I have to be able to rely on it to give me the tones I want on my recordings. It never lets me down. I have recorded many internationally released hits using my EG-1. I love it!!!

Jon Bivona

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Jon Bivona is a guitarist/ composer/ teacher has worked with the for more than a dozen years.

Zac Brown

Zac Brown Band

Zac is warming up here backstage in his tour bus with an Escape Mark III.

Victor Brandt


Traveler Guitars have made life as a touring musician so much easier. No need to carry big cases or practice amps into the dressing room, spare guitars taking up space in the bus or in an airplane. Now, with my Traveler Guitar, it is so easy with warming up before the gig, practicing in the bus, rehearsing, writing or recording on tour. The perfect solution is only an arm’s length away.

Justin Bryte

Fly By Midnight

Took my new Traveler Guitar up to the mountains to work on some new material and fell in love. Super inspiring to have such an amazing piece that is virtually weightless and easy to travel with. Highly recommend.

Ashley Caldwell

American Freestyle Skier, 3 Time Olympian, 2017 World Cup Aerials Champion

My traveler guitar is awesome for taking on the World Cup tour. I already have to lug a huge ski pack around, so having something lightweight and small is vital! It’s perfect on the plane or when my teammates don’t want to hear me play because I can plug into my headphones and jam as loud as I want. My Ultra-Light provides the perfect getaway after a long, cold day of doing backflips!

Emilio Castillo

Tower Of Power

My Traveler Hot Rod guitar is totally smoking. I’m not an accomplished guitarist. I mainly write and demo songs on guitar; mostly rhythm parts and some simple leads. The Traveler guitar has a wide variety of tones for funk rhythms and ballads and when I need to do a crunch part with a fat distortion this guitar is totally happening for all of it. It’s small but mighty!!!! Handy and completely professional. I couldn’t be happier.

Josh Charles

Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Arranger, & Composer

The traveler guitar sounds and plays incredibly well and the craftsmanship is excellent. The ability to fit it in the overhead and carry it wherever you go is a huge plus for me. I take it everywhere now.

Laura Cheadle

Singer, Songwriter, & Guitarist

From the moment I unpacked it, held it in my arms, and played those first chords, all I kept feeling was, "This is MY guitar!" This is my third Traveler and hands down, my favorite. Lightweight, sexy, compact, cute, and complete with a built-in tuner for those on stage uh-oh moments. Thank you, Traveler, for my perfect guitar!

Billy Cox

Legendary Bassist

Just had to let you know that I am finishing up a new album, and I cut one of the songs on The Traveler Guitar TB-4P Bass. The song is titled “I’mma Pilgrim” and I just had to let you know that the Traveler enabled me to go from the alley to the delta as I played the blues!

Madison Cunningham


My Traveler totally saves me on tour!


Musician, Fashion Designer, & Creative Director

Inspiration could come from anywhere and my Traveler has been my best friend on all adventures. Super weightless, versatile with forward-thinking design, it’s the gear of the future! I’m so obsessed.

Jeff Daniels


For almost a decade, my Traveler Guitar has gone where I go. With its perfectly replicated neck, it doesn’t take long to lose myself in it just like I would an actual Acoustic. And what a breeze on airplanes! I find myself hoping my inquisitive friends at the TSA flag it. Gives me a chance to pull it out and play it for them right there in Security. They still pat me down, but at least they’re entertained.


Guitarist, Songwriter, & Founding Member of Blue Öyster Cult

Serg Dimitrijevic

Earth, Wind & Fire and Sugar Ray

I love having my bass backstage and on the bus. So much easier to go through songs and warm up before the show. Makes plane travel a lot easier too! Playability and sound are great! Thanks Traveler!

Dylan Dunlap

Singer/ Songwriter

Dylan appeared on Season 8 OF NBC’S “The Voice” singing Talk Dirty while playing his Ultra-Light Acoustic, much to the suprise of the judges.

Marina Erakovic

Pro Tennis Player

Being a professional tennis player means being on the road, A LOT! So having my Traveler Guitar with me gives me the chance to play, record, and enjoy my music anywhere. It’s super light, easy to get on a plane, and I can even fit a couple of tennis racquets in the gig bag. Love my EG-1!

Fernando Garcia

Guitarist + 1/2 of Mexico City's Dawn Avenue

I like this guitar model because it has a sound that is easy to adapt, that allows you to plan for different venues and genres. The range of the pickup on this acoustic guitar has a kick to it that gives me a unique feel on stage.

Alex Gaspar

Celina da Piedade

Never leave for a gig without my Traveler Bass Guitar. It’s portable, light and good looking! I recommend it, 100%.

Koku Gonza

Singer/ Songwriter

My Traveler Guitar sounds confident, packs light and is perfect for overhead bins as well as microphones! Where will I take my Traveler next????

Tom Hamilton


Bassist for the iconic band Aerosmith.

Alejandro Hernandez

Bassist + 1/2 of Mexico City's Dawn Avenue

I like using Traveler Guitars because they are easy to transport while you are touring around! In addition, they have a great sound that you can mold to your preference to make it even better. It's the perfect instrument be able to practice anywhere!

Bertie Higgins

Singer/ Songwriter

Writer and performer of the mega-hits “Key Largo” and “Casablanca,” Bertie uses his EG-1 Custom and Escape MK-II Guitars in concerts around the world.

Wolf Hoffmann

Guitarist for Accept

The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light rocks! It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for guitarists- take it with you wherever you go!

Gary Holt

Guitarist for Slayer & Exodus

I am in LOVE with my Traveler Guitar! Plays killer, takes up zero space on the bus, hotel room, whatever! Does so much cool stuff, this has become a can’t do without piece of gear for me!

Jason Hook

Five Finger Death Punch

The Traveler Speedster is such a great-feeling guitar we have two on the bus and one in the dressing room at all times. It’s the prefect warm up tool.

John Hopkins

Zac Brown Band

I use my Traveler Guitar on the road with the Zac Brown Band as a practice instrument. I’ve used it in vocal warm-ups for several years now. It’s very reliable, it always sounds good.

Bill Hudson

U.D.O and Dirkschneider

Because of my touring schedule and all the different artists I’m with, I’m always on the road. And even though you’re working and your playing everyday (that is your job), it’s really hard to keep up your chops during the day. Something like is is exactly what I needed, that can go in the tour bus in the little gig bag. And I can wake up and start warming up. You know all my drills and little exercises…

Bill Janovitz

Buffalo Tom

I love my little Traveler guitar. I have it hanging on a hook in our mudroom. I take off my coat and grab the Traveler and play it all over the house. Great to curl up with in a chair.

Jeremy Lenzo

Bass Player for Mayday Parade

My Traveler Guitar is perfect for recording demos while on the road, it’s small enough to be stored out of the way, and with the built in amplifier and headphone jack I can practice without disturbing those around me.

Andrew Levy

The Brand New Heavies

22 years of globe trotting with my band means some very tired crew members. I love not having to bother my tech and ask him to bring me my Warwick or Fender Bass to practice on before the show. I just grab my Traveler which I “carry on” my flights, NICE!! Tiny little thing, but sounds HEAVY in the cans and on stage. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr

LA-based Skateboarder & Musician & Guitar Tech for 30 Seconds to Mars

This guitar is the perfect size for bringing on tour. Flew to Europe without any problems fitting it into the overhead compartment. Even better on a tour bus, fits just about anywhere! But I think my favorite thing about the Traveler is the built in headphone amp. I can shred as loud as I want.. as late as I want.. anywhere I want. Well almost anywhere.

Uwe Lulis

Guitarist for Accept

I’d play shows with it!

Wes Lunsford

The Young Fables

There are moments when a full sized guitar is just too much to handle. Traveler guitars are perfect for the touring van, front-seat-road-trip-writing and porch swing serenades!

Michelle Nelson

Host, Moderator, Writer, & Musician

As a poet, host, and musician I am always on the road and in the air. Traveler Guitar cuts away the excuses so I can practice and perform my music while on the go. Traveler Guitars give full sound at half the size, they are perfect for a performance artist like me!

Greg Magnuson


We heard about Traveler Guitars a few years back and saw the Speedster in Guitar Center as we were planning for our European Tour in 2012. We had to carry all our gear in 2 back packs and needed a guitar that was compact but also of good quality with full playability. The Traveler Guitar Speedster was the perfect solution.

Kyrsten Magnuson


We heard about Traveler Guitars a few years back and saw the Speedster in Guitar Center as we were planning for our European Tour in 2012. We had to carry all our gear in 2 back packs and needed a guitar that was compact but also of good quality with full playability. The Traveler Guitar Speedster was the perfect solution.

Lee Malia

Bring Me the Horizon

Lauren Marsh


My Traveler Guitar Speedster (Rosemary) has been the perfect instrument to take with me wherever I go. It’s been with me through college and multiple tours. As someone who learned ukulele before guitar, my Speedster has been the best way to keep sharp and continue building on my skill set. When I’m traveling, I never know when inspiration for a new song could hit me. Having my Traveler Guitar on hand to flesh out ideas has been essential as a songwriter.

Carly and Martina

Singers/Songwriters & Rising Radio

We are constantly on the road- everywhere from Colorado to Florida!! Our Traveler Guitars give us the ability to keep making music no matter WHERE we are.

Marco Moir

Guitar Tech for Brad Whitford of Aerosmith

Here is Marco, getting some practice in while the stage is being setup for a show at Fenway Park.

Rob Morrow

Actor/ Writer/ Director

As an Emmy and Golden Globe nominee, Rob Morrow is a critically acclaimed actor, writer, and director with an established career in television spanning over three decades. He also writes fiction and plays guitar–and his axe of choice when he’s on the go is a Traveler Guitar. “I’ve been taking my little electric Traveler with me whenever I go on the road. The genius is, I can throw it over my back like a tennis racquet, take it on the plane, and throw it up in the luggage compartment. I also take it with me to the editing room and it keeps me company all day.

Kevin Nealon


My newest device, it’s a travel guitar, that I got at Guitar Center. It’s an electric guitar, because I’m learning to play the blues. And it’s light weight. And you just plug it into your Bose headspeakers, […] and it sounds like you’re playing through an amp.

Liz Kelly

Oracle Blue

As someone who typically spends 20 days per month on the road, my Traveler is perfect for squeezing in extra practice on-the-go!  The built-in effects come in handy when frequenting open mic nights or songwriter's rounds, and its playability stands up to any other guitar that I would bring. Being able to run audio through the aux input and practice along through headphones is a lifesaver when I'm in a hotel, car-camping on tour, or even when I'm backstage!

Ronny North


My EG-1 is packed with full-size guitar features like a full-scale neck and it fits in my luggage (No more battling with flight attendants about putting my gig bag in the overheads when I fly..)…I plugged mine into my stage rig the other day and everyone was blown away at how it sounded..I’ll definitely be using mine when I do last minute jams..what’s not to love about this guitar???

Eddie Ojeda

Twisted Sister

Having a traveler guitar is the next best thing to having your main guitar when you can’t take it with you. Whether you are a guitar hobbyist or a seasoned professional, a Traveler Guitar is a great tool to have for anyone who travels or needs to be away from home. My EG-1 is great to have with me when I’m on the road.

Jose Luis Pardo

Los Amigos Invisibles

Bruno Pisani

Photographer, World Traveler, & Guitarist

I love this guitar so much; amazing sound for such a small package. It's always in my car when I'm out and about exploring!

Rodrigo Poche

Adam Ezra Group

The only difference between my TB-4P and the best bases in the world is that I can take it anywhere, anytime.

Anders Rhedin


I’ve used my Traveler Guitar on six tours. It’s been extremely sturdy, and it sounds great! It’s taken lots of stress out of flying – it goes right in the overhead bin (it usually fits on top of, or behind, the luggage). I’ve even used it in the studio. Good stuff.

Dan Roe

Audio Programmer, Playback Engineer, & Keys Technician

This beautiful Pro-Series Deluxe has served me well for the last 18 months on the road with Depeche Mode. I’ve used it to record in buses and hotel rooms across the globe! Audio Programmer, Playback Engineer, & Keys Technician: Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, George Michael, Sting, Goldfrapp, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Adele, Rihanna, Keane, and more.

Andres Rotmistrovsky

Bassist, Teacher and Musical Producer

They have created an instrument that makes traveling a dream —rather than the usual nightmare when on the road, flying, or using public transportation. Although what I most like about it is something that goes beyond those features; the bass is exceptionally comfortable and it feels great on my hands, and for its reduced size it has a surprisingly gorgeous tone, huge and clear-sounding. In the past few months I have played my TB-4P Bass in 3 recording sessions and numerous live performances. It keeps impressing bass players and musicians in general, as well as sound engineers. This bass is the perfect equation for sound, playability and successful travels.

Hanan Rubenstein

Alicia Keys

This thing plays really sweet and is perfect for lugging around!

Reece Scruggs


Getting my Traveler Guitar was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I practice with it, write riffs and solos with it, and I give lessons with it. I’ll always stand behind this product.

Billy Sherwood

Composer, & Guitarist/Keyboardist for Yes & Asia

I've fallen in love with Traveler Guitar! It’s a great guitar to take out on the road and gives you all the feel and sound you need to deliver a great guitar track. Plus, it packs away in my suitcase!

Brad Sherwood


Gina Sobel

Singer/ Songwriter

These guitars are so amazing to play. On stage, to take up a mountain, to do whatever with. The search for the perfect traveling guitar was endless for me, and I finally found these and I’m super psyched about it.

Liz Sokolak

Musician & Composer, Audio Technician for Fall Out Boy & 30 Seconds to Mars

These instruments are so compact and light, and I love that you don’t have to compromise on playability or tone. Traveling with these guitars is so easy; I tour with both my Ultra-Light guitar and bass. Liz plays the Ultra-Light Electric & the Ultra-Light Bass.

Emerson Swinford

Guitarist for Rod Stewart Band

I love the EG-1! It’s lightweight/compact, yet it’s a full-scale quality instrument. The tuning machines, electronics, the feel of the neck, the fret work, the fit and finish…all astonishing!

Vern Tejas

Professional Mountain Climber

I love playing my Traveler Guitar all over the world, especially on top of the continents. I most recently strummed a tune on top of Australia, and thus completed playing on the highest point on all seven continents. The Traveler Guitar is an ideal companion for the picker on-the-go; it is compact and durable, yet never loses its great tone.

Dave Tirio

Plain White T's

The built in amp is great. It’s nice to be able to chill on the bus and play at any volume you want.

Jona Weinhofen

I Killed the Prom Queen

My Escape EG-1 Traveler Guitar pretty much does not leave my side! It comes with me everywhere, planes, busses, hotel rooms, studios and my home. Its finally nice to have a great sounding, reliable instrument which isn’t big, bulky and awkward to travel the world with. If it wasnt for my traveler, writing the majority of my music on tour would almost be impossible!

Laurel Wright

The Young Fables

There are moments when a full sized guitar is just too much to handle. Traveler guitars are perfect for the touring van, front-seat-road-trip-writing and porch swing serenades!