Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Traveler Guitar full scale?

All of our 6-string guitars are full scale with the exception of the CL-3EQ. We do make one medium scale bass, the TB-4P, which has a scale length of 32 inches, and one short scale bass, the Ultra-Light bass, which has a 30-inch scale.

Can I use regular guitar strings on a traveler guitar?

Yes. Feel free to use your favorite brand of guitar strings. To see which strings your model comes equipped with, visit the specifications section on your guitar’s product page.

Can I use a strap on my Traveler Guitar?

Yes. All our guitars are equipped with strap pins. The Pro-Series and Speedster models come with thumbscrews that double as a strap pins.

Does my guitar have a truss-rod?

Yes. All our guitars have fully adjustable truss rods.

Can I plug into an amp?

Yes. All of our guitars come with a standard ¼ inch output jack, allowing you to plug into a standard instrument amplifier.

Can I get a left-handed traveler guitar?

Currently, we make these lefty models: Ultra-Light lefty and Ultra-Light Electric lefty

Do the Ultra-Light Series guitars & basses have built-in headphone amplifiers?

The Ultra-light Series instruments are built for ultimate portability, so we opted to leave out a headphone amplifier. These instruments have passive pickups and a standard ¼" output jack. If you're partial to the portability of the Ultra-Light Series but you want to practice through headphones, we recommend using our TGA-1E headphone amp for an electric guitar amp tone or our TGA-1A for an acoustic amp tone on the go.

Can I carry my traveler guitar on an airplane?

We've carried our guitars on every major airline over the past 22 years—and we've never had a customer complain that they had a problem carrying their traveler guitar on a commercial flight. However, airline administrators control what they allow on their jets—so it's best to check your airline's website for details, or call before you arrive at the airport.

What is the gear ratio on the AG-Series Guitars?

Actually, there is not a direct comparison between a standard tuner and the streamline™ tuning system. Here’s why: the term “gear ratio” refers to the number of times you must turn the tuning key in order to rotate the tuning post one full turn. For example, a 14:1 gear ratio means you’ll have to turn that key fourteen times to rotate the tuner’s post 360 degrees.

In the case of the Streamline™ tuning system, the tuning key (or knurled tuning knob) and the post are the same thing—so the question of gear ratio doesn’t apply. Instead, it is relevant to mention the thread count, which is 4-40, meaning it takes 40 turns to move the post one linear inch. It takes far fewer turns (5-10 full turns) to tune a string on the AG-Series Guitars from completely slack all the way up to pitch.

What kind of warranty do the guitars come with?

Traveler Guitar instruments come with a limited lifetime warranty. Details here .