E-Series Guitars and Basses

The fully-loaded E-Series features space-saving in-body tuning, onboard custom electronics, and built-in headphone amps.
E-Series Bass Duncan Designed Pickups

Upgraded Pickups

Upgraded pickups like the Duncan-Designed Mustang bass pickup (TB-4P), the ALH-200B active humbucker (EC-1), the Duncan-Designed Devastator (EG-1B), and the PAF style alnico (EG-1C), mean the E-Series Travelers pack some serious punch.

E-Series Guitars feature built-in headphone amps

Custom Headphone Amps

Our custom onboard headphone amps feature 4 channel tones, including clean, boost, overdrive and distortion.

E-Series EG-1 Custom Guitar features a built-in Shadow Electronics E-Tuner pickup ring tuner


The famed EG-1 Custom features a humbucker ring tuner from Shadow Electronics.

E-Series Guitars include deluxe gig bags

Gig Bag Included

Every single Traveler Guitar comes standard with a compact, custom gig bag so you can protect your investment at no additional cost.

Customer reviews
I am what you would call a 25 years beginner who travels a lot... never I would have thought in my wildest dream that a guitar like the EG-1 v2 custom existed... it packs everything I wanted, small size, tuner, on board fx, craftsmanship ans I can practice in silent to my favourite tunes... I would only buy traveler in the future ... you rock !!!!
— Damien A.
All I can say is Wow. Setup perfect. Everything works just fine and I love the way the guitar is set up with a plug for headset, on-board tuners, great pickup, volume controls, etc. Nicely done! I thought I would have more trouble with the tuning pegs, but they are well places and accessible. Also, I didn't know at first how to plant my pinkie with the hole for tuners, but it works out fine. The whole thing in the case just a little bigger than a viola case. I am going to be traveling for a year and this is just perfect for everything at home and on the road. Thank you for designing such an innovative guitar!
— Bruce K.
Great little guitar, only meaning little because of the size. This is a totally functional electric guitar. The four way switch and headphone jack was more than I expected. it takes only a fraction of space needed by my Fender and Gibson guitars and sounds pretty damn good too. I recently traveled to South Carolina and it fit in the luggage compartment on the 757, and 737 jets. No more travel without a guitar - Yea!
— Rob M.