The fully-loaded E-Series features space-saving in-body tuning, onboard custom electronics, and built-in headphone amps.

Upgraded Pickups

Custom Headphone Amps


Gig Bag Included

Brandon J.

It took a bit getting used to the size and setting up intonation/action but love the overall feel and idea of it. Awesome for portability for gigs around town.

Bruce K.

All I can say is Wow. Setup perfect. Everything works just fine and I love the way the guitar is set up with a plug for headset, on-board tuners, great pickup, volume controls, etc. Nicely done! I thought I would have more trouble with the tuning pegs, but they are well places and accessible. Also, I didn't know at first how to plant my pinkie with the hole for tuners, but it works out fine. The whole thing in the case just a little bigger than a viola case. I am going to be traveling for a year and this is just perfect for everything at home and on the road. Thank you for designing such an innovative guitar!

Jay R.

I am still sinking my teeth in, but great guitar so far, very easy to bring from place to place and practice on the go,