Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Series

The smallest, lightest, full-scale travel guitars in the world. The Ultra-Light Series includes acoustic, electric, classical and bass models in various colors.

Full Scale

A full 24.75” scale guitar, but around 3 lbs. and only 28" long.

In-Body Tuning

A mainstay of our design since 1992, our innovative and space-saving in-body tuning system eliminates the need for a headstock. And because all Ultra-Lights are full-scale, there's no compromise in the playing experience you're used to on a full-size axe.

Removable Lap Rest

Make the Ultra-Light even smaller with its removable lap rest, which stores safely in the gig bag pocket for transport.

One Piece Neck-through-Body

Our solid neck-through-body design makes the Ultra-Light ultra-sturdy. 

Gig Bag Included

Every single Traveler Guitar comes standard with a compact, custom gig bag so you can protect your investment at no additional cost.

Customer reviews
I'm shocked this guitar doesn't cost more. The fit and finish are flawless and it's a pleasure to play. I thought I would need a few weeks to get used to it, but it felt good from the start. Very strong and solid. I won't worry about it up in the overhead compartment. Now I can practice late at night without waking up the whole house. I should have bought it a long time ago.
— Stephen M.
Just started playing recently and wanted a practice guitar for when I couldn't bring my full size guitar with me. The acoustic ultra light was perfect for my needs. Added a small amp for my ear buds and I was practicibg right away.
— John C.
It's amazing! Superior craftsmanship, excellent sound. Unbelievably light! Really a five-star rating!
— Jose N.
I’m an airline pilot and purchased my Ultra-light Electric for when I’m on trips. This is the perfect instrument to keep me practicing and playing my favorite tunes on the go. The single-coil pickup sounds great and its a joy to play with the full sized neck! Pair it up with a headphone amplifier and you have the perfect combo to keep yourself occupied at home or in the hotel room, without disturbing anyone around you. The ideal purchase for guitar players on the road! Excellent product!
— James S.