Traveler Guitar Travelcaster Series

The Travelcaster Series electric guitars feature super-compact bodies with traditional tuning and an adjustable 2-point tremolo, along with a custom gig bag.

Full Scale

A full 25 ½” scale guitar, but only 5 lbs., 3 oz. and only 33.75 inches long.

3-a-Side Headstock

When it comes to portability, every inch counts. The space-saving Travelcaster headstock is super compact.

Beveled Neck Joint

How high can you go? Hit them high notes with the Travelcaster’s beveled neck joint.

Adjustable 2-Point Tremolo

The Travelcaster is equipped with a fully adjustable bridge and bent steel saddles for improved tremolo response and tuning stability.

Gig Bag Included

Every single Traveler Guitar comes standard with a compact, custom gig bag so you can protect your investment at no additional cost.

Customer reviews
Travels well, plays and sounds great! Not much more to say, it is exactly what it claims to be. It is light and easy to travel with. It plays better than most of my other guitars. Sounds like a strat. I'm very happy with it.
— Nicholas S.
Hey-great guitar; well balanced, good tone and NICE setup! Only one criticism; the back-side placement of the rear strap-peg makes the guitar hang strangely-I moved mine to a more traditional 'on the outside' position. Other than that; fantastic guitar!
— Stephen G.
The sounds it great. Be sure to check out some of the independent reviews/demos on youtube...such great sound and playing. Holding it in ones lap without a strap takes a bit to get used to. Having a version without a tremolo would be welcome IMO. My instrument has few workmanship issues that I hope to resolve under warranty. I also have a Traveler Escape Mark III which I love.
— Dan R.
The craftsmanship exceeded my expectations to say the least. The fretwork is good, the tuners are rock solid, the bone nut is a very nice touch, and somebody actually figured out where to place the strap buttons properly so what doesn't amount to much more than full scale neck with a pickguard amazingly doesn't do the dive when you strap it on (I can think of a few renowned brands that could learn a thing or two from Traveler on this front!) I also have to say that the satin neck finish is smooth as butter.
— Toby W.