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Gig Bag Included

Michelle N.

I am genuinely impressed with the workmanship, tone, playability, and features. I suspected it would be "good enough in a pinch", but it has proved to be much more. The unique cutaway and arm bevel put this one over the top. Great work, Traveler!

Shane R.

This guitar is great for the price, wanted something to start learning that would be nice enough to encourage me to learn and not be cheap. This has some nice quality to it and sounds awesome.

Laura C.

From the moment I unpacked it, held it in my arms, and played those first chords, all I kept feeling was, "This is MY guitar!" This is my third Traveler and hands down, my favorite. Lightweight, sexy, compact, cute, and complete with a built-in tuner for those on stage uh-oh moments. Thank you, Traveler, for my perfect guitar!