Traveler Guitar EDGE Series

Assembled by hand in Southern California.

Full Scale

A full 25.5” scale guitar, but around 3.75 lbs. and only 29.75" long.

In-Body Tuning

A mainstay of our design since 1992, our innovative and space-saving in-body tuning system eliminates the need for a headstock. And because the EDGE is full-scale, there's no compromise in the playing experience you're used to on a full-size axe.

US made bodies by Pionite®

The Edge bodies are made of multi-ply birch by Pionite®. Strong, lightweight, and easy to work with, plus it's available in an infinite number of colors and patterns.

Gig Bag Included

Every single Traveler Guitar comes standard with a compact, custom gig bag so you can protect your investment at no additional cost.

Customer reviews
I was pleasantly surprised on how well this guitar plays. It came nearly in tune-not bad for shipping via UPS. I got a really good deal on the guitar and I really like it. I have back issues so a lighter guitar is called for. This fits the bill great. The tone/sound is more acoustic, as one would expect but still sounds good through a regular guitar amp as well as through the Traveler Acoustic Plug in Amplifier. You won't be disappointed!
— Harry E.
I purchased the Ultra-Light Edge Acoustic about 6 months ago and I am still BLOWN AWAY each and every time I play it. First of all, the guitar looks and feels amazing. I purchased the "Molten Lava" version and I have to say that it is easily one of my best looking guitars.
— Corey C.
I was really pleased with the build quality of my Ultra-Lite Electric! Setup, action, fret edges all right on the nose.
— Michael A.
I have owned the traveler molten lava edge guitar now for about three weeks. I must say I cannot take it out of my hands. Truly love playing it. I really thought it would be a gimmick that wouldn’t work for me and I would be sending it back. Now that I have been playing it, I want to order me a custom edge. And I will probably get a few more. GrRead more about review stating Blown awayeat job! Keep it up.
— Keith B.