Traveler Guitar® - B-Stock Electric Guitars

If you wanna save some serious dough and you don’t mind a few minor nicks, scratches, or dents (otherwise known as CHARACTER), then we’ve got some Traveler Electric Guitars in our garage with your name on it. These are brand new factory b-stocks priced to move and all of them are backed by our rock-solid warranty.


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B-Stock Travelcaster Deluxe (Surf Green)
$229.00 $289.99
B-Stock Ultra-Light Electric Lefty (Matte Black)
$279.00 $349.99
B-Stock Ultra-Light Electric (Torino Red)
$279.00 $349.99
B-Stock Ultra-Light Electric (Matte Black)
$279.00 $349.99
B-Stock Speedster (Gloss Black)
$319.00 $399.99
B-Stock EG-1 (Blackout)
$399.00 $499.99
B-Stock Vaibrant Deluxe V88X (Cosmic Black)
$559.00 $699.99