Dave U. Hall (The Cynz)

As a musician who travels around the world, I need an instrument to play (or perform gigs with) at any time. This is especially important when bands call me at a moment’s notice for recordings or live performances. Having my Traveler TB-4P bass guitar with me when traveling covers all my musical needs and preparedness. The built-in headphone jack feature (in itself) has made these commonplace travel delays at airports much more palatable to deal with.  Not only does the bass sound amazing, but it’s built solidly without the added weight (which makes the instrument perfect for traveling). Onstage, the bass gets immediately noticed for its unique look. Because the tuning pegs are situated inside the body of the bass, the bass comes out of the travel bag always in tune and ready to play.  The instrument is amazingly compact. I have traveled to countless airports on many different size airplanes over the years. The guitar always fits comfortably in the overhead bin. I have never had a problem stowing my instrument along with my carry-on bag.
Traveler basses have been an integral part of my fabric for years. I’ve traveled with mine all over the globe. If you ever see me somewhere in the world, I’ll always be carrying my Traveler Guitar on my back. 


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