Shadow E-Tuner Black (flat top)


Retrofit your Traveler Guitar EG-1--or any other flat-top, humbucker-equipped electric guitar* --with this Shadow Pickup Ring Tuner.

Shadow's E-Tuner HB-T is a standard two-hole humbucker pickup ring with a chromatic electronic tuner mounted inside. The electronics and battery pack fit around and below your favorite humbucker pickup. This model is Black and is made for flat top guitars such as the EG-1 or Sonic L-22.

Its multicolored LED display is easy to read, even in very bright surroundings. Battery lasts for 2000 tunings, and the unit automatically shuts off after one minute. The replaceable battery is located in the electronics compartment of the guitar within a protective shell (included with the device).

* The Shadow E-Tuner is meant to be a drop-in replacement for existing pickup rings on Traveler Guitar EG-1 models with Pocket Rock-it electronics with some exceptions. There needs to be a clearance of 7/16” under the pickup to accommodate the tuner electronics cavity. It will not work on the EG-1 Blackout, EG-1 Sparkle Red or EG-1 Sparkle Silver due to the pickup size. Installation requires soldering.


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  • Color: Black
  • Batteries: CR2032
  • Model #: SHHBTFTC
  • Compatible Models: Pocket Rock-it model EG-1 (with appropriate pickup clearance) and Sonic L-22